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Made from thick recycled material this headband celebrates the Torres Strait Islands and includes elements within its design, such as;

- waves; an acknowledgement of being seafaring people

- moon; as it's cycle influences the ocean's tidal flow

- Tagai constellation; Tagai was a great fisherman, spirit and creator who is represented by a constellation in the Southern Sky. 

- Instruments; Gorr, lumut and warup. Representing the beat and rhythm of stories being passed down through song and dance.

Size: approx. 34cm in length 

Please be mindful that while perfection of each piece is desired, every single headband is loving handmade with care. 

Recycled polyester & plastic 

Artwork by T.Garrett in collaboration with Zenadth Kes business Athe Threads

Colours and print may slightly vary and won’t be an exact replica of displayed product