NRLW All Stars 2024

KYKOE was humbled to be nominated by the NRL community to be highlighted as one of twenty two Indigenous businesses to be promoted by the NRL throughout All Stars week over both their social media platforms and at the game.

With the NRL taking yet another important step in their reconciliation journey, KYKOE also had the pleasure of taking a peek behind the curtain at both the men's and women's captains run the day before both teams hit it out on the field against our Māori brothers and sisters. Although the NRLW team chose to wear KYKOE at last years camp and game, this year we had the unique opportunity to sit with the NRLW athletes and staff and share our business journey of how we got to where we are today and the challenges we overcame to thrive in business and life. Having shared our story and being warmly embraced by all, we gifted all with some special and exclusive KYKOE merch of gym towels, hair scarfs and scrunchies which we very proudly witness being worn both on the sidelines and on the field the next day at the game as we cheering on and saw the first female coach, Jessica Skinner and the women's team secure their 2024 All Stars win!

KYKOE x NRL All Stars

KYKOE x All Stars NRLW

* Player image supplied by Lewis James Bin Doraho

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