About Us

KYKOE is an Indigenous owned and operated business, built on the artistic and creative expression of founder, Tishara Garrett, a contemporary Aboriginal and Zenadth Kes (Torres Strait) artist and creative. What emerged as a personal sanctuary and coping mechanism during a challenging time in her life, KYKOE began as a hobby squeezed into the corner of a very small dining room and quickly transformed into a thriving business. As a Saisarem, Butchulla, Barada Barna and Cingalese woman, wife and mother of three, Tishara predominately creates within the digital art and textile space. Her designs draw on her cultural upbringing, ties to and love of Country, significant moments shared with loved ones and the knowledge passed on and entrusted to her.

KYKOE products serve as a physical link to all that Aboriginal and Zenadth Kes people embody.  They represent the complexity of navigating between two worlds while also creating a platform that helps strengthen and enhance community and social connections between the Indigenous and the non-Indigenous community. KYKOE products have reached thousands all over Australia and internationally and have been worn by many, including professional athletes.

While solely operating KYKOE, Tishara also works with small to large scale brands in an artist capacity. As a contemporary artist she uses elements from both of her Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage while ensuring each piece she creates stays true to her own style.