Sportsgirl x KYKOE

KYKOE was honored to be included in Sportsgirl's 2024 January campaign; My Hopes, My Tomorrow. Over January, selected Sportsgirl's stores across the country displayed artwork by KYKOE founder, Tishara, in their store windows while also highlighting Tishara's journey on their website and socials!

KYKOE x Sportsgirl

This design intertwines various elements to convey my hopes for my tomorrow – authentic connection. Within this piece there are connection lines which represent the intricate ties within our community, illustrating how we are all linked regardless of our differences. Community is at the heart, depicted through the many community lines, people and the communal spaces that bring everyone together. The inclusion of stars and the universe in the background serve as a reminder of something greater, offering a perspective that the world is vast yet interconnected. I included it to invite the viewer to contemplate on our place in the grand scheme of things, the beauty of unity and also a reminder that we are all capable of turning our dreams into reality.

The many interconnecting elements serve as a visual metaphor of how our differences aren’t barriers that separate us but are diverse components that join us together harmoniously, just like the threads in a fabric. Each element contributes to the overall richness of our community and how our differences bind us together and should be celebrated. The hibiscus and leaves add a touch of nature, symbolizing growth, renewal, and the organic essence of our community. They bring life and vibrancy to the design, echoing the vitality within our connections.

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