Tishara x Empower Digital

Empower Digital recently commissioned Tishara to share their story through art. Empower Digital is an Indigenous business owned by Yorta Yorta man, Adam and his wife Carm. Together they provide e-commerce support and digital tools for small business and start ups.

Both Adam and Carm approached Tishara after guiding and supporting the re-launch of KYKOE's website and wanted to relay their brand values and share their 'why' through a contemporary Indigenous art lens. Following this their art story:

The continual blue line is a representation of the connection to mob and the wider community through the work Empower Digital does and the building of relationships (white line work within connection line). The lighter blue line within the connection line represents walking side-by-side with clients, supporting and guiding them as the yellow lines that come off the connecting line symbolise the empowerment, outcomes, growth and the sharing of knowledge Adam and Carm give their clients as well as symbolising the growth and success of Empower Digital. 


Within the artwork there are community spaces, safe spaces, a space that represents gathering with Mob and a place that symbolises the networking with both Indigenous and non-Indigenous businesses.


As Adam is a Yorta Yorta man I included the long neck turtle (totem) as a representation of himself, Carm and their three children as well as a depiction of their connection to family and the Yorta Yorta community. Each turtle has different details to represent the individuality of each family member and they are spread across the artwork to symbolise their journey with both Adam and Carm. Lastly, the various background elements (dark green) depict Country - their connection to it and the storylines of Adam's ancestors. 

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